Gaydar: The Ultimate Insider Guide To The Gay Sixth Sense

Gaydar: The Ultimate Insider Guide To The Gay Sixth Sense by Donald F Reuter
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The hysterical, fully illustrated, definitive guide to the gay man's secret survival tool. The first book to explore the intricacies of gaydar, this irreverent, insightful handbook reveals all about that cluster of signals that gives a gay man virtually heroic powers of intuition.

Most notable for helping to determine whether or not another man is 'in the club', gaydar can also be harnessed to predict the next big star, hot record, hip home appliance, up-and-coming bistro, or necessary fashion accessory. Illustrated with aplomb (a word that in and of itself should ping! one's gaydar), 'Gaydar' is divided into ten gay sections, including everything from gayspeak to gaywork to gaysport, and much more. It all adds up to a fabulous (ping!) education in the subtleties - and outrageousness - of gay shopping, travel, clubbing, dining, sports and other highlights of gay life and leisure.

If you're gay, 'Gaydar' will hone your ability to spot a hot new man or a hot new trend through a brick wall; if you're straight, it'll tone up the long-neglected gay parts of your body and brain - and everybody's got them, ma chere (ping! ping! ping!).
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2002

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