Gender Inequality in the Labour Market in the UK

Gender Inequality in the Labour Market in the UK by Unknown

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This book addresses one of the most topical and pressing areas of inequality experienced by women in the UK: inequality in the labour market. Despite the changed and changing position of women in society there remain substantial gender differences in the labour market. Bringing together the expertise of a range of authors, including renowned scholars and senior policy makers, it offers a coherent account of gender inequality in the labour market. It includes:- An extensive introduction with the wider context, the basic facts on various relevant labour market outcomes, international comparisons, and the legislative framework;- Chapters that focus on the key issues, offering analysis of the way inequality in the labour market is related to the wider macroeconomic dynamics, factors that explain the gender pay gap, the transition from education to the labour market, the dimensions of occupational segregation, and the division of labour within the household.The book is essential reading for academics and students with an interest in gender inequality and the labour market, as well as for those who would like an objective account of the main factors explaining this inequality.
Publication Date:
15 / 05 / 2014

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