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    By: Charlotte Moore

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    On first publication George and Sam was immediately acclaimed as a classic account of the lives of two autistic brothers. Their mother Charlotte Moore described how they would only eat certain foods, had no sense of danger, listened obsessively to key sounds and repeatedly watched the same cartoons. They would never be like other children. Refusing to pity herself or her sons, she brilliantly conveyed their family life, above all showing what mysterious, impossible and enchanting boys George and Sam really are.

    This new edition brings the story up to date by outlining the boys' experiences of adolescence and the challenges they and their mother face for their future as adults. Also included for the first time are Charlotte's original Mind The Gap columns, originally published in the Guardian, which add to this extraordinary portrait of autism as experienced in one family.

    'A valuable contribution to families affected by autism'
    British Medical Journal

    'Powerful and deeply affecting'
    Mail on Sunday

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