George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis

George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis by Ed Carlson

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Eight months in advance, one eccentric genius predicted the start of historys greatest bull marketaccurate to within 17 days and 7 Dow Jones points. Then, days before his death, he called its endprecisely. Louis Rukeyser called him "uncannily accurate." The Stock Traders Almanac called his work "the finest long-term forecast we have ever seen." Honored by his peers, admired for his profound knowledge of history and markets, George Lindsay is now nearly forgotten. Much of his most significant research has been relegated to yellowing, typed newsletters. Until now. In George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis, Ed Carlson demonstrates the immense power of Lindsays methods in todays markets. Using visual models, Carlson explains Lindsays models clearly, simply, and intuitively. Using this book, investors and traders can apply these techniques without strong mathematical expertise, and without deciphering Lindsays dense writing style. Carlson walks through using Lindsays "Three Peaks and a Domed House" model to uncover surprising patterns in "haphazard" short-lived movements using Lindsays "Timing Method for Traders" to identify tradeable market tops and get out of bull markets in time predicting "decisive, often violent" market movements, and more. This book is an indispensable addition to any technical analysis libraryand every technicians trading arsenal. Awarded "Best Investment Book of the Year" - Stock Traders Almanac 2012
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22 / 07 / 2011

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