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Get In Trouble by Kelly Link
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A new, much anticipated collection of stories from the inimitable Kelly Link.
'These nine stories may begin in familiar territory - a birthday party, a theme park, a bar, a spaceship - but they quickly draw readers into an imaginative, disturbingly ominous world of realistic fantasy and unreal reality. Like Kafka hosting Saturday Night Live, Link mixes humour with existential dread...Her characters, driven by yearning and
obsession, not only get in trouble but seek trouble out - to spectacular effect.' Publishers Weekly
'Darkly funny, sexy, frightening, and truly weird - Link can dismantle and remake the world in a paragraph.' Karen Russell
'The most darkly playful voice in American fiction.' Michael Chabon
'She is unique and should be declared a national treasure.' Neil Gaiman
'Richly imagined, intellectually teasing: these are not so much small fictions as windows on to entire worlds. A brilliant, giddying read.' Sarah Waters
Kelly Link is the author of the collections Stranger Things Happen, Magic for Beginners, The Wrong Grave and Pretty Monsters. Her short stories have been published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, The Best American Short Stories and Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards. Link is the co-founder of Small Beer Press. She was born in Miami, Florida and now lives with her husband and daughter in Northampton, Massachusetts.
'Very much fun.' Margaret Atwood, Twitter
'Kelly Link is inimitable. Her stories are like nothing else, dark yet sparkling with her unique brand of fairy dust, wonderfully strange but still familiar and real. Get in Trouble is filled with pocket universes, each tale containing so much more than its length might suggest and crackling with the unexpect: the most marvelous kind of trouble to get in.' Erin Morgenstern
'In this utterly astonishing new collection, Kelly Link demonstrates a perfect and completely mature command of the entirely unexpected, ever-evolving, self-examining, deeply original and personal, emotion-riddled kind of story only Kelly Link is capable of writing.' Peter Straub
'Exquisite, cruelly wise and the opposite of reassuring, these stories linger like dreams and will leave readers looking over their shoulders for their own ghosts.' Kirkus
'Nobody writes stories like Kelly Link...Seek out this book and then dig through her others: she's a modern master of the short story, skewering our lives at every step.' Thousands
'It resonates with depth and maturity, the sense of a writer using genre for her purposes rather than the other way around�With Get In Trouble, she has created a series of fully articulated pocket universes, animated by a three-dimensional sense of character, of life.' LA Times
'The nine stories in Link's fourth collection sizzle with surprises...Link is one of a kind.' BBC
'Does any writer have a better, deeper instinct for the subterranean overlap between pop culture and myth...Link remains a master of a delicate genre.' Salon
'Link's stories are never fully realist, but they are always beautifully written...Like other writers in the tradition of the modern American short story, she wants us to look closely at the small stuff of life.' New York Times Book Review
'As a writer Kelly Link is possessed of many magical powers, but to me whatâ??s most notable about her new collection, Get in Trouble, is its astonishing freedomâ?¦her imaginative freedom is unmitigated by a need to counterbalance the weirdness with explanation.â?? Meg Wolitzer
â??Kelly Link in a nutshell: inordinately brainy, always concise, darkly whimsical, and entertaining as heck.â?? Boston Globe
â??Linkâ??s writing is characterised by both a high literary value and a deep human sentiment. Images and language sparkle, imagination and craft combining to create the most vivid of reading experiences.â?? Toronto Star
â??Link is always in exquisite controlâ??a committed emotional realist with a bottomless bag of surprises.â?? New York Magazine
â??Iâ??d rather read Kelly Link than breatheâ?¦This book is everything I wished for.â?? NZ Herald
â??Link should be required reading for every writer, even writers whose styles deviate completely from hers: it is necessary to understand the sheer possibilities of form, of genre. To understand how rules can be twisted, snapped, shattered.â?? LA Review of Books
â??When it comes to literary magic, Link is the real deal: clever, surprising, affecting, fluid and funny.â?? San Francisco Chronicle
â??Linkâ??s prose and ideas dazzle; so much so that you donâ??t see the swift elbow to the emotional solar plexus coming until itâ??s far, far too late.â?? Guardian
â??Ms. Link never fusses over the surreal twists in her stories, but they contain so much emotional truth that thereâ??s no need to explain a thing.â?? New York Times
â??With every tale [Link] conjures a different universe, each more captivating than the lastâ?¦youâ??ll long to return the minute you leave.â?? Entertainment Weekly
â??Get in Trouble is one of the strongest collections Iâ??ve read recently; each story is finely calibrated, with Linkâ??s surreal but utterly believable logic, suspense and heart.â?? Catherine Carberry, Paris Review
â??All I want is for everyone to devour [Linkâ??s] books.â?? Longreads
â??Itâ??s a challenge to describe Kelly Linkâ??s dazzling short stories. On the one hand they are deliciously, deliriously strangeâ?¦Yet they are also sad, sexy, tender, keenly aware not just of the human yearning at their centres, but of the absurdities those desires lead us into.â?? Weekend Australian
â??Get in Trouble is a dazzling testimony to the malleability of [Linkâ??s] medium and her mastery of it.â?? New Zealand Listener
â??Link effectively mixes the dark fantastic with Borgesian quirkiness.â?? Sydney Morning Herald
â??Itâ??s little wonder that the short story seems to be having its moment in the sun; here it shows its ability to compress lifetimes seething with tension and crystallise moments blazing with desire and defiance, into handfuls of taut, finely wrought pages.â?? Age
Publication Date:
28 / 01 / 2015

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