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    Get Well, Stay Well

    By: Dr Paul Sherwood & Claire Haggard

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    All You Need to Know to Beat Recurrent Congestion and Infection.

    Tonsillitis, ear infections, sinus problems, asthma, chest infections, constant colds . . . In his groundbreaking book, Dr Paul Sherwood explains why so many of the illnesses we're commonly experiencing today - including constant infections, congestion or respiratory problems - are caused by an overburdened lymphatic system. This system provides your body with its frontline defence, fighting infection and making repairs. When it suffers blockages or damage all sorts of common health problems will occur.

    Dr Paul Sherwood explains:
    - How lymphatic drainage massage can help and how to do it
    - Which foods it may be sensible to avoid
    - Why you should stop wrapping your children up warmly
    - Why the removal of damaged tonsils or appendix is vital

    'Get Well, Stay Well' contains an invaluable directory of over 80 health problems and their treatment as well as numerous fascinating case studies.

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