Gina Ford's Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers

Gina Ford's Complete Sleep Guide For Contented Babies & Toddlers by Gina Ford
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Gina Ford
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Great new guide for peaceful nights from the popular authority on calm and confident parenting.

Sleep is probably the most misunderstood and confusing aspect of parenthood. Babies are supposed to sleep most of the time, aren't they? Well, some do, but an awful lot don't. If your child is one of the many who has trouble sleeping, and disrupts your own days and nights in the process, don't despair. There are ways of encouraging regular sleep patterns, and in this book Gina Ford reveals exactly what they are.

Starting on the first day at home after the birth, she advises new parents to disregard any advice to let the baby's habits rule the roost. By creating a structure of regular feeding, sleeping and playing times, parents can help their baby to find a rhythm that will be comfortable for all concerned.

Among the questions this book answers are:
- How much sleep do babies need?
- What's the difference between a sleep and a nap?
- When can certain feeds be dropped?

Gina Ford's blueprint for creating happy and rested babies and parents has been successfully applied over many years. It's a winner!
Publication Date:
03 / 11 / 2003

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