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The globalization of capital has fostered a 'below the radar' global elite that occasionally surfaces at global events, such as Davos and the Bilderberg gatherings. Global Elites: The Opaque Nature of Transnational Policy Determination draws attention to the extensive reach of an emergent ruling class of political, financial and corporate interests. This original collection from internationally renowned authors captures the nature of elites across varying cultural regimes. In this text, the rich history of elites and their shaping of world affairs, even in times of rudimentary technology, is balanced by insightful studies of elites today. The rich, the famous, the entrepreneurial and even the migrants are scrutinised. The critical question is what do elites really contribute? Certainly their philanthropic effort is evident, but so too is their inclination for self absorption. This expose of the global class is penetratingly illuminating, especially the conclusion that chaos could be the order of the day, if global elite networks lacked cohesion.
Publication Date:
12 / 12 / 2011

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