Global Terrorism by Unknown

By: Unknown

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This textbook is a comprehensive introduction to global terrorism helping students to understand the history, politics, ideologies and strategies of both contemporary and older terrorist groups. Written in a clear and accessible style, each chapter explains a different aspect of terrorism and illustrates this with a wide variety of case studies from across the world. Topics covered include: · definitions and typology of terrorism· classifications of groups, weapons and techniques· religious terrorism· ethnic disputes· left wing and right wing extremism· state-sponsored terrorism· techniques for countering terrorism· future development of terrorist activity Case studies include: · Terror in the French Revolution· The Zealots· Irish Republicanism· The Italian Red Brigades· American militias· Columbia· Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina· Sri Lanka· Al-Qeada. PLO The unique combination of a genuinely historical focus and truly global coverage make this the ideal introductory textbook for anyone studying terrorism or for the general reader with an interest in the key issue facing 21st Century society.
Publication Date:
31 / 12 / 1969

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