Golfing with Your Eyes Closed

By: Erin Macy, Tiffany Wilding-White

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The body achieves what the mind believes . . .

Visualize yourself on the green. Smell the freshly mown grass, feel the leather grip in your hands, see the ball sinking into the hole. Mental rehearsal like this is used by golf's greatest athletes to give them the edge they need to play round after perfect round. Now you can get that same winning edge with this unique mental training program for golfers at all levels. Written by two sports psychology consultants, Golfing with Your Eyes Closed is filled with practical exercises, key points, and professional advice--all created to help you get mentally tough and take your game to the next level.

You'll turn visualization into reality as you learn how to:

Build your muscle memory with imagery practice

Turn nervous energy into powerful performance

Avoid choking under pressure

Refocus after concentration lapses

Develop a consistently positive mindset

Write your own script and realize your golf ambitions
Publication Date:
27 / 02 / 2009

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