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    By: Evangelos Petroutsos

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    Create custom applications with the Google Maps API

    Featuring step-by-step examples, this practical resource gets you started programming the Google Maps API with JavaScript in no time. Learn how to embed maps on web pages, annotate the embedded maps with your data, generate KML files to store and reuse your map data, and enable client applications to request spatial data through web services.

    Google Maps: Power Tools for Maximizing the API explains techniques for visualizing masses of data and animating multiple items on the map. You’ll also find out how to embed Google maps in desktop applications to combine the richness of the Windows interface with the unique features of the API. You can use the numerous samples included throughout this hands-on guide as your starting point for building customized applications.

    Create map-enabled web pages with a custom look

    Learn the JavaScript skills required to exploit the Google Maps API

    Create highly interactive interfaces for mapping applications

    Embed maps in desktop applications written in .NET

    Annotate maps with labels, markers, and shapes

    Understand geodesic paths and shapes and perform geodesic calculations

    Store geographical data in KML format

    Add GIS features to mapping applications

    Store large sets of geography data in databases and perform advanced spatial queries

    Use web services to request spatial data from within your script on demand

    Automate the generation of standalone web pages with annotated maps

    Use the Geocoding and Directions APIs

    Visualize large data sets using symbols and heatmaps

    Animate items on a map

    Bonus online content includes:

    A tutorial on The SQL Spatial application

    A bonus chapter on animating multiple airplanes

    Three appendices: debugging scripts in the browser; scalable vector graphics; and applying custom styles

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