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Governing Europe is intended to be the leading advanced survey of politics in Western Europe. It examines in detail all aspects of political life in Western Europe, from public protest to core executives, social policy to Europe''s place in the world. It brings together a world-class team of leading scholars from the United Kingdom, continental Europe and North America. The contributions provide not only a sophisticated introduction to the various issues covered, but also a detaileddiscussion of the major theoretical and empirical debates and developments in the field. The book therefore provides both a comprehensive overview and a series of original contributions to scholarly debate. The focus is on European core executives, public administration, parties and organisedinterests, democracy and popular participation, public policy and the changing European state. It wil be essential reading to scholars and students alike. The volume is intended as a tribute to the late Vincent Wright of Nuffield College, Oxford University.
Publication Date:
20 / 03 / 2003

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