Grand Illusions New Decorating by Nick Ronald & David Roberts
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215 x 287mm

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'New Decorating' is an exciting new colour- and theme-based practical decorating book. It is a book for the way we decorate today, drawing ideas from a global palette and fusing them into a rich, innovative style for our homes.

Loosely based on four corners of the globe where landscape, colour and natural materials have produced a distinctive, inspirational style, 'New Decorating' encompasses the classic neutral Shades of White, cool Scandinavian colours, shades of Spice and Mediterranean Colours. Each chapter opens with a section on essential elements, pinpointing the key features of a style, from colours and textures to paint techniques and design details. Following is a wealth of ideas for furntirue, fabric, walls, floors and accessories, so that the whole essence of a look can be captured. The book includes more than 20 projects ranging in scope from a simple rustic wire shelf or Mediterranean colourwashed walls to an ingenious faux stone floor, created from inexpensive MDF tiles. Each project uses accessible materials and is illustrated in clear step-by-step photographs, so that everyone can recreate the ideas shown.

Discover the hot, spicy colours of the East and the jewel-bright, seaside shades of the Mediterranean; be tempted by the cool, effortlessly elegant richness of Swedish style, and the serene qualities of natural decorating in shades of White; seize the chance to pare down decoration to its basics. 'New Decorating' shows how to fuse this wealth of options into a look that is contemporary yet timeless, original yet easy to live with, bringing a world of possibilities within the reach of every home decorator.
Publication Date:
23 / 10 / 1998
215 x 287mm

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