Green Roof Construction and Maintenance (GreenSource Books)

Green Roof Construction and Maintenance (GreenSource Books) by Kelly Luckett

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A Complete Guide to Building and Maintaining Green Roofs

Written by an industry expert in green roof design and installation, this GreenSource book presents all of the information you need to skillfully design, construct, and maintain green roofs. You will find a wealth of practical details gathered through real-world implementations and independent research.

Green Roof Construction and Maintenance explains how to design a green roof, plan for irrigation and drainage, select and place soil and plants, and maintain the entire setup. The book also discusses return on investment, LEED design specifications, and the myriad short- and long-term environmental benefits of green roofs. Filled with step-by-step illustrations and full-color photographs, this is a valuable, hands-on guide to a rapidly emerging trend in the sustainability movement.

Green Roof Construction and Maintenance includes:

Key questions to ask at each stage of the green building process

Tested tips and techniques for successful structural design

Construction methods for new and existing buildings

Information on insulation, drainage, detailing, irrigation, and plant selection

Details on optimal soil formulation

Illustrations featuring various stages of construction

Best practices for green roof maintenance

A survey of environmental benefits, including evapo-transpiration, storm-water management, habitat restoration, and improvement of air quality

Tips on the LEED design and certification process

Considerations for assessing return on investment

Color photographs of successfully installed green roofs

Useful checklists, tables, and charts
Publication Date:
22 / 06 / 2009

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