Guide To Life by Dorothy Rowe
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129 x 198mm

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The central theme of all Dorothy Rowe's work is that, while the world and ourselves might seem to be solid and real, the way in which we are constituted means that we can never know reality directly, only the meanings we have created about reality.

It is when we don't understand this, when we mistakenly think that we, our life and the world are fixed, unalterable parts of reality which we have to put up with and cope with as best we can, that we find we can't handle life's problems – we make mistakes, feel trapped, and often despair.

When we do understand it, we realise that we are free to change.

Dorothy Rowe has helped tens of thousands of people reach this understanding through her books on fear, depression and unhappiness. She had shown how, by understanding our nature, we can end our suffering. Her Guide to Life is a summation of this wisdom bur with more besides, for there is no end to self-understanding. Like all her books, it is clear and compassionate, witty and wise.
Publication Date:
19 / 08 / 1996
129 x 198mm

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