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Hacking with Kali introduces you the most current distribution of the de facto standard tool for Linux pen testing. Starting with use of the Kali live CD and progressing through installation on hard drives, thumb drives and SD cards, author James Broad walks you through creating a custom version of the Kali live distribution. You'll learn how to configure networking components, storage devices and system services such as DHCP and web services. Once you're familiar with the basic components of the software, you'll learn how to use Kali through the phases of the penetration testing lifecycle; one major tool from each phase is explained. The book culminates with a chapter on reporting that will provide examples of documents used prior to, during and after the pen test. This guide will benefit information security professionals of all levels, hackers, systems administrators, network administrators, and beginning and intermediate professional pen testers, as well as students majoring in information security.Provides detailed explanations of the complete penetration testing lifecycleComplete linkage of the Kali information, resources and distribution downloadsHands-on exercises reinforce topics
Publication Date:
05 / 12 / 2013

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