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    Murder On The Ghoul Bus

    By: & Lee Striker

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    Ready for the ride of your death with Lee Striker hair-raisers?

    Every day its' the same routine: the same bus stop, same friends, Tom, Cathy, Alice and Harry, the same cranky old bus driver Mr Dumbleton. But when Mr Dumbleton collapses across the steering wheel one Monday morning, everything changes.

    Suddenly there's a new driver and the ride to school will never be boring again! That's if there is, in fact, another ride. Alice recognises this new driver as the ghoul from one of her nightmares. And there are new passengers too, one in particular with maggots crawling all over his face: dinner guests!

    The ghoul puts his foot to the floor, guns the engine and the passengers are off on an express ride to a place where they may never have to wait for a bus again!

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