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    By: Andre Norton & Mercedes Lakey

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    Elven maiden Sheyrena an Treves wants more than an arranged marriage and the sheltered life as wife to a minor lord. She longs to be like Shana the Elvenbane - a half human, half elf - and flee from elven court to seek out a life with the dragons. And as the ruling Elvenlords begin a ruthless search for halfbloods, Sheyrena's drab life is about to be changed forever.

    Elsewhere, Shana, the dragons and their wizard allies struggle to find a new stronghold. The conflict with the Elvenlords is far from over, but time is needed to devise a new strategy. Elven magic is strong and to defeat them they must become immune to their sorcery.

    There is a way, but it could prove more perilous than a vile and sorcerous war with their elven adversaries.

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