Handbook of Energy by Cutler J. Cleveland

By: Cutler J. Cleveland

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Handbook of Energy, Volume II: Chronologies, Top Ten Lists, and Word Clouds draws together a comprehensive account of the energy field from the prestigious and award-winning authors of the Encyclopedia of Energy (2004), The Dictionary of Energy, Expanded Edition (2009), and the Handbook of Energy, Volume I (2013). Handbook of Energy, Volume II takes the wealth of information about historical aspects of energy spread across many books, journals, websites, disciplines, ideologies, and user communities and synthesizes the information in one central repository. This book meets the needs of a diverse readership working in energy, and serves as a vital method of communication among communities including colleges and universities, nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, consulting firms and research institutes of energy, environmental, and public policy issues.Interdisciplinary coverage appropriate for scientists in environmental sciences, social and natural sciences, and engineeringTop Ten lists, written by prominent subject experts, provide personal reflections on key issuesChronologies covering 40 different subject areas provide all the significant events in a given field from the geologic past to the present day
Publication Date:
15 / 11 / 2013

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