Handbook of Sound Studio Construction: Rooms for Recording and Listening

By: Ken Pohlmann

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Build first-class recording studios and listening spaces

Design and build your own audiophile-grade recording and playback environments using proven, cost-effective plans and techniques. Handbook of Sound Studio Construction: Rooms for Recording and Listening explains practical acoustical properties and describes how to engineer acoustically sensitive spaces, including music recording studios, control rooms, voice studios, home project studios, A/V suites, media rooms, and surround-sound home theaters.

Learn how to choose room dimensions, select building materials, construct your own custom treatments, maximize isolation, and generate and analyze response curves. This do-it-yourself guide incorporates decades of roomdesign experience and provides you with the practical knowledge to design and build your own acoustical spaces or improve existing spaces.

Coverage includes:

An introduction to room acoustics and acoustical design

Reflecting, absorbing, and diffusing materials

Room geometry, modes, and treatment

Acoustic isolation, site selection, and HVAC design

Wall, floor, and ceiling construction

Window and door design considerations

Reverberation times, early reflections, and psychoacoustics

Objective and subjective room evaluation

Plans and specifications for 10 recording and listening rooms
Publication Date:
27 / 11 / 2012

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