Happiness Quantified: A Satisfaction Calculus Approach

Happiness Quantified: A Satisfaction Calculus Approach by Bernard M. S. van Praag
By: Bernard M. S. van Praag

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How do we measure happiness? Focusing on subjective measures as a proxy for welfare and well-being, this book finds ways to do that. Subjective measures have been used by psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, and, more recently, economists to answer a variety of scientifically and politically relevant questions. Van Praag, a pioneer in this field since 1971, and Ferrer-i-Carbonell present in this book a generally applicable methodology for the analysisof subjective satisfaction. Drawing on a range of surveys on people's satisfaction with their jobs, income, housing, marriages, and government policy, among other areas of life, this book shows how satisfaction with life "as a whole" is an aggregate of these domain satisfactions. Using German, British, Dutch, and Russian data, the authors cover a wide range of topics. This groundbreaking book presents a new and fruitful methodology that constitutes a welcome addition to the social sciences. The paperback edition has beenrevised to bring the literature review up-to-date and the chapter on poverty has been revised and extended to take account of new research.
Publication Date:
27 / 12 / 2007

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