Hayes and Williams' Family Law

Hayes and Williams' Family Law by Lisa Glennon, Stephen Gilmore

By: Lisa Glennon, Stephen Gilmore

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Stephen Gilmore and Lisa Glennon provide a timely update, to this popular and highly readable account of family law. Noted for its accessibility, this new edition of Hayes and Williams 'Family Law:Principles, Policy and Practice guides the student carefully through the legislation and case law helping them fully understand the topics and themes under discussion. The book is divided into two parts: part one deals with the law relating to adults and part two with the law connected to children. The book takes into account all major legal developments and provides valuable analysis along with straightforward and clear legal explanation. The authors challenge the reader to question policy, legislation, and decisions made by the courts. They address the crucial social and political context that plays an important role in shaping this fascinating and dynamicarea of law.
Publication Date:
23 / 08 / 2012

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