Healthcare Disrupted by Anne O'Riordan & Jeff Elton

Anne O'Riordan &
Jeff Elton
01 / 04 / 2016
174 x 239 x 26mm

Success in the new healthcare industry demands deep and profound strategic changes Healthcare Disrupted is a guide to developing vital new operating and business models in the healthcare industry's fast-changing landscape. Based on original research conducted by Accenture, this book explains how the biggest industry trendsconsumer-focused care; value- and outcomes-based reimbursement; new digital consumers; the use of big data and advanced analytics; and rising numbers of strategic, collaborative, and inventive partnershipsare compelling biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies to change, and how those changes impact the rest of the industry.

This book provides an informed, insightful view of the current state of the healthcare industry, as well as insight on what's to come. It digs deep into the issues to examine why and how established companies, and those new to the industry, must evolve to keep pace. It demonstrates how real-world data (from Electronic Medical Records, health wearables, the health Internet of Things, digital media, social media, and other sources) is combining with scalable technologies and advanced analytics to fundamentally change how healthcare is delivered. Healthcare Disrupted also reveals how this shift in healthcare delivery significantly improves patient and economic outcomes.

The health care industry is increasingly focusing on: the patient as a partner; patient outcomes; and the quality, convenience, and affordability of care management. But do industry professionals really understand the implications of this shift in focus? To lead, and to thrive, many organizations will need to change their definition of innovation. They will need to lessen the time and lower the cost from discovery to market, and ensure the drugs they develop deliver a better patient outcome at an economically viable cost.

This book provides practical insights on getting ahead of the curve by:

Discovering how profoundly the healthcare industry is changing Finding your organization's place in the new order of modern health care Learning how to survive in the face of transformational trends Evolving your strategies for innovation, testing, providing care, and more The industry is turning toward an overall system in which value and patient outcomes are rewarded over volumeand performance is measured accordingly. Healthcare Disrupted shows how to adapt and stay relevant in the new age of digital medicine.

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