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    Hearing in Time Psychological Aspects of Musical Meter


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    Our sense that a waltz is "in three" or a blues song is "in four with a shuffle" comes from our sense of musical meter. Hearing in Time explores musical meter from the point of view of cognitive theories of perception and attention - how our ability to follow musical meter is simply a specific instance of our more general ability to synchronize our attention to regularly recurring events in our environment. As such, musical meter is subject to a number of fundamental perceptual and cognitive constraints, which form the cornerstones of London's account. He uses familiar examples from a broad range of music that allow him to explore a number of fundamental similarities between a variety of different metric phenomena, such as the difference between so-called simple versus complex or additive meters. Because of its accessible style - only a modest ability to read a musical score is presumed - Hearing in Time is for anyone interested in rhythm and meter, including cognitive psychologists, musicologists, musicians and music theorists.

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