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    Hedge Funds Demystified

    By: Scott Frush

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    Find out how to hedge your bets and PROFIT big from HEDGE FUNDSHearing a lot about hedge funds lately but feel like you're in the weeds when it comes to understanding how they work? Learn all about these highly profitable and largely unregulated funds in Hedge Funds Demystified.

    Financial expert Scott Frush first explains the basics of hedge funds and how they are different from mutual funds. He then provides you with methods for evaluating hedge funds, strategies for low-, moderate-, and high-risk investing, and the steps you need to take to incorporate hedge funds into your portfolio. Featuring end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam, this straightforward guide gives you the inside edge for investing in hedge funds.

    This fast and easy guide offers:

    Explanations of the risks and benefits of hedge funds

    Coverage of event-driven, tactical, relative-value, and hybrid hedge funds

    Tips for evaluating hedge funds and building your portfolio

    Strategies for selecting the right manager

    A review of management tools and tactics including selling short, employing leverage, and trading derivatives

    Simple enough for a novice but in-depth enough for a seasoned investor, Hedge Funds Demystified is your shortcut to capitalizing on these profitable funds.

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