High Power Laser Handbook

High Power Laser Handbook by Hagop Injeyan, Gregory Goodno

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The State of the Art in High-Power Laser Technology

Filled with full-color images, High-Power Laser Handbook offers comprehensive details on the latest advances in high-power laser development and applications. Performance parameters for each major class of lasers are described. The book covers high-power gas, chemical, and free-electron lasers and then discusses semiconductor diode lasers, along with the associated technologies of packaging, reliability, and beam shaping and delivery. Current research and development in solid-state lasers is described as well as scaling approaches for high CW powers, high pulse energies, and high peak powers. This authoritative work also addresses the emergence of fiber lasers and concludes by reviewing various methods for beam combining.

Coverage Includes:

Carbon dioxide lasers

Excimer lasers

Chemical lasers

High-power free-electron lasers

Semiconductor laser diodes

High-power diode laser arrays

Introduction to high-power solid-state lasers

Zig-zag slab lasers

ThinZag high-power laser development

Thin disk lasers

Heat capacity lasers

Ultrafast solid-state lasers

Ultrafast lasers in the thin disk geometry

The National Ignition Facility laser

Optical fiber lasers

Pulsed fiber lasers

High-power ultrafast fiber laser systems

High-power fiber lasers for industry and defense

Beam combining
Publication Date:
25 / 04 / 2011

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