History of Architectural Conservation

History of Architectural Conservation by Jukka Jokilehto

By: Jukka Jokilehto

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A History of Architectural Conservation expands knowledge about the conservation of ancient monuments, works of art and historic buildings. It includes the origins of the interest in conservation within the European context, and the development of the concepts from Antiquity and the Renaissance to the present day. Jokilehto illustrates how this development has influenced international collaboration in the protection and conservation of cultural heritage, and how it has formed the principal concepts and approach to conservation and restoration in today's multi-cultural society.This book is based on archival research of original documents and the study of key restoration examples in countries that have influenced the international conservation movement. Accessible and of great interest to students and the general public it includes conservation trends in Europe, the USA, India, Iran and Japan.* Uses world-wide examples to give a complete overview of the modern approach to conservation and restoration* Provides a thorough explanation of the development of the concepts of conservation from traditional to modern society* Learn from the knowledge of this experienced and well respected author
Publication Date:
12 / 02 / 2002

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