History of Transplantation Immunology

History of Transplantation Immunology by Leslie Brent

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Those entering the field of transplantation are frequently unaware of the topics historical roots and even of the background on which modern discoveries in tolerance, histocompabatibility antigens, and xenotransplantation are based. A History of Transplantation Immunology is an account, written by one of the founding fathers of the field, of how tissue and organ transplantation has become one of the most successful branches of late 20th century medicine. The book helps place the work of contemporary scientists into its proper context and makes fascinating reading for immunologists in all stages of their career.Describes landmarks in immunology and places them in historical contextBeautifully written by one of the founding fathers of the fieldPortrays the surprising history of events in a colorful and readable mannerContains biographical sketches of some of the pioneersIllustrates the development of key ideas in immunology--tolerance, graft rejection, and transplantationForeword by Ray Owen
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18 / 11 / 1996

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