Honeyball and Bowers' Textbook on Employment Law

Honeyball and Bowers' Textbook on Employment Law by Simon Honeyball

By: Simon Honeyball

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Honeyball and Bowers' Textbook on Employment Law is an approach to employment law with strong critical analysis whilst placing it in its wider contexts, in a concise and user-friendly format. Fully updated to take into account the recent significant developments in this area, including the Equality Act 2010, the key topics on most employment law courses are addressed in detail. An extremely clear writing style allows this text to remain accessible and student-focussed, while providing detailed explanations and analysis of the law. The text also includes diagrams and chapter summaries throughout to aid student understanding, while further reading suggestions assist with essaypreparation and research. Setting employment law in context, this book considers both industrial and collective issues as well as examining the increasing role of the EU in UK employment law. A separate chapter on human rights also enables students to understand the role human rights legislation plays in the development of employment law. This book also contains cross referencing to Painter & Holmes' Cases & Materials on Employment Law, ensuring that these two texts continue to complement one another and provide the perfect combination of textbook analysis and the most up-to-date cases and materials. This text is accompanied by a free Online Resource Centre (www.oxfordtextbooks.co.uk/orc/honeyball12e/) which contains updates to the law and useful weblinks.
Publication Date:
19 / 07 / 2012

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