Honeyville [Unabridged Edition]

Honeyville [Unabridged Edition] by Daisy Waugh
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This is a time when the corrupt ruled.
This is a place that is rotten to the core.
This is the story of two woman, only one of whom lives to tell the tale.

Trinidad, Colorado 1913: the only town for a thousand miles where prostitution is still legal. This is a town that is living by its own rules, a society that is upside down, where the corrupt rule and money flows. But beneath the glitter and the gaiety, bitter unrest is building. This story follows two women, both trying to make their way in a frontier town built and run for men. One lives within society's boundaries: a decent, rich life, behind lace curtains. The other is a celebrated hooker.

Based on a real-life event - a massacre of women and children - so brutal it stopped America in its tracks.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2014

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