Hook Up or Break Up #3: Lose Yourself

Hook Up or Break Up #3: Lose Yourself by Kendall Adams

By: Kendall Adams

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Help!I broke up with my boyfriend because he was cheating on me. Now he's come begging for forgiveness and wants to take me to the prom. I never imagined sharing that night with anyone but him . . . until I looked around and realized how many other hot prospects were available!Should I go back to my ex-boyfriend or try someone new? This decision is too hard, so you're going to make it for me. Choose wisely. This is my heart we're talking about!Love, NoelleZach
I thought we'd be together forever—I still love him . . . but can I trust him?Trent
Smart, sexy, and the perfect gentleman . . . what more could a girl ask for?Ryan
My funky, cool coworker who's always been there for me . . . when did he get to be so cute?
Publication Date:
06 / 10 / 2009

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