Hormones by Gerald Litwack

By: Gerald Litwack

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The newly revised and updated Hormones, Second Edition provides a comprehensive treatment of human hormones, viewed in light of modern theories of hormone action and in the context of current understanding of subcellular and cellular architecture and classical organ physiology. Each chapter presents a physiological description of the hormone system under consideration, followed by a listing of the mode-of-action of the hormone. This book includes significant advances in the molecular biology of receptors, hormones, and studies of hormone action that have transpired over the past five years. The text updates the material on enzymes related to steroid metabolism and new hormone systems, as well as providing a new chapter on hormones and cancer.Completely updates the material, covering new discoveries and significant advances since the First Edition was published in 1987Contains new information regarding steroid hormones, the role of hormones in cancer, and a comprehensive introductory chapterPresents an overview of virtually all important hormonesProvides detailed physiological, cellular, and molecular descriptions of classical human endocrine systemsStreamlines the presentation of the First Edition, making the book easier to use and read
Publication Date:
23 / 10 / 1997

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