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    By: Sandra Hill

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    In and out . . . Thats Lieutenant Ian MacLeans goal. The leaderof a team of highly trained Navy SEALsthe toughest, buffest fighting men in the worldthe sexy, hard-as-nails bachelor has the brains,guts, and brawn to outthink, outgun, andoutmaneuver any enemy. But dealing with a buxom, headstrong, iron-willed Viking maiden from a time a thousand years before Ian was born . . . thats a whole different kind of warfare.Madrene Olgadottir has no idea where she isor that shes landed ten centuries in the future.After bopping the arrogant soldier on his headand tying him up, the stunning hellion giveshim a tongue lashing that makes a drill sergeantsound like a kindergarten teacher. Then shedemonstrates that she has her own special wayof dealing with overconfident males. Hoo-yah, it looks like Operation Rodentis about to get . . . Hot Heavy

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