House Poor by June Fletcher

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The housing market, like any other investment, has always had its ups and downs. But ever since it started its upswing at the beginning of this decade, the ride has become more thrilling—and more dangerous. One day, home values are skyrocketing and cheap money is up for grabs; the next day, houses linger on the market and interest rates rise alarmingly high. Home buyers and sellers are beginning to recognize that however the market moves where they live, they must be prepared to make smart housing decisions.Written by veteran real estate reporter June Fletcher, House Poor teaches you everything you need to know to weather the ups and downs of the housing market, including:How to tell whether your hometown is likely to boom or bustWhen to take equity out of your houseHow to buy as a first-time home owner or as an investor during turbulent timesHow to protect your home investmentWhen and how to sell your homeToday's volatile housing market could make you house poor.This book will keep you house proud.
Publication Date:
11 / 05 / 2010

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