How to Be a Complete and Utter Failure in Life, Work & Everything

How to Be a Complete and Utter Failure in Life, Work & Everything by Steve McDermott

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Really want to know how to fail? Consistently? Massively? Irrevocably? Steve McDermott's spent years studying the world's greatest failures: those extraordinary individuals who've spectacularly underachieved in every walk of life. They all use the exact same skills and strategies--and you can learn them, too. (Maybe you know some already!) In this quick, incredibly practical guide to failure, McDermott brings together dozens of state-of-the-art techniques guaranteed to help you crash, burn, and disappoint everyone in your life. In just minutes, discover how to fail at... *; Leadership *; Relationships *; Personal growth *; Achieving happiness *; Teamwork *; Planning *; Goal-setting *; Careers *; Financial security *; First impressions *; And so much more! DANGER: Do NOT attempt to reverse these techniques. If performed in the opposite fashion, they may cause spectacular success. The publisher and author will not be held responsible for wealth, happiness, or career achievements resulting from the use of these skills and strategies in reverse.
Publication Date:
10 / 01 / 2008

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