How To Become CEO by Jeffrey J Fox
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137 x 204mm

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The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization

In recent years, the CEO's position within the typical high-profile company has been receiving more media attention than ever before. The job and paycheck of CEO can quickly turn a relatively unknown top-level manager into a powerful international business leader with celebrity status. But how do those people get so lucky? What's their secret? This book has the answers.

In 'How to Become CEO', consultant Jeffrey Fox has written an insightful handbook of traits to develop for anyone who wants to be CEO - or for anyone who just wants to get ahead in today's business world. Open it to any page and find a short, provocative piece of brutally honest advice written in a conversational tone. Each one of the seventy-five rules focuses on a specific action that should be taken, a trait that needs to be developed, or things to avoid. These are smart, no-nonsense business messages that are meant to be revisited in your rise to the top.
Publication Date:
02 / 06 / 2000
137 x 204mm

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