How to Do Everything iPhone 4S

How to Do Everything iPhone 4S by Guy Hart-Davis
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Unleash the amazing features of your iPhone 4S!

Filled with handy tips and little-known tricks, How to Do Everything: iPhone 4S shows you how to maximize the powerful capabilities of this revolutionary device. Configure and customize your iPhone, make calls, video chat, listen to music, watch videos, create and manage your iTunes library, surf the Web, take photos and video, ask Siri for assistance, use iCloud to store and access your content, and much more. You’ll also learn how to connect your iPhone to your company’s network via virtual private networking and to your company’s Exchange Server for e-mail and calendars.

Load your iPhone with music, videos, data, and apps

Connect to wireless networks at home, at work, and on the road

Take crisp photos and video with the new eight megapixel camera

Make phone calls, video chat with FaceTime, and use e-mail and instant messaging

Use iCloud to sync content seamlessly between your iPhone and other iOS devices

Get help from Siri, the voice-controlled intelligent assistant

Keep up to date with your calendars and contacts

Create a great audio and video library for your iPhone and iTunes

Use your iPhone for file backup, storage, and transfer

Connect to your business network and to Exchange Server

Create, edit, and share business documents on your iPhone

Sync your iPhone with multiple computers

Troubleshoot your iPhone and iTunes
Publication Date:
08 / 12 / 2011

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