How to Have a Brilliant Life by Michael Heppell

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Do you want to live life to the full? To know in years to come that you really gave it your all and got the most out of it? The simplest way to a brilliant life is by making sure youre paying attention to the stuff that matters, in every area of your life, and by making positive and lasting change where its needed, when its needed. Although thats not rocket science, its so very easy to just get swept along by the flow and then wonder what happened. We all need a bit of help to make sure were living our best possible life. And thats where this book comes in. Taking each area of your life by the horns, youll quickly start to see whats working well and where attention is needed. One small action at a time, youll move towards your own Brilliant Life. STOP LIVING AN ORDINARY LIFE START LIVING A BRILLIANT ONE
Publication Date:
10 / 09 / 2012

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