How To Have Kick-Ass Ideas: Get Curious, Get Adventurous, Get Creative

How To Have Kick-Ass Ideas: Get Curious, Get Adventurous, Get Creative by Chris Barez-Brown
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Practical and inspirational ways to help you kick-start your creativity, identify what you want and then make it happen. A playful and mind-expanding book by the training guru at What If!, the world's largest innovation consultancy, who will help you to unlock your creative juices and grow in new directions.

Stuck in a rut, bored, dissatisfied, uninspired. Feel like it's Groundhog Day? Got a problem you don't know how to solve? But what if you knew exactly what you wanted and could make it happen, right now? To get there, you need creativity - you need some kick-ass ideas.

We are all born creating machines, we've just forgotten how to use our natural inventiveness. In 'How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas', Chris Barez-Brown, who turns companies around the world into highly creative and successful teams, pours his most kick-ass techniques into a book that reunites you with the imaginative genius inside you. Chris's playful, stimulating approach will energise you, and show you how to catch the creative wave to change your world. It's about fun, freshness and new ways of thinking, filling your life with new experiences and then getting playful. Find out exactly what it is you want and then make it real!

Step-by-step, Chris guides you through the working principles of genuine creativity - Insight + Ideas + Impact = Inspiring Opportunities, that completely demystifies the creative process. The book includes case studies and imaginative practical exercises to kick-start your ideas.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2006
220 x 220mm

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