How to Hire and Develop Your Next Top Performer: The Five Qualities That Make Salespeople Great

By: Patrick Sweeney, Herb Greenberg

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Over the past four decades, Caliper Consulting has helped more than 23,000 companies worldwide effectively select, develop, and manage people. For most companies, hiring the right employee is a challenge. The Caliper Profile has proved to be over 90% accurate in determining who will become a top performing salesperson. In this practical book, Herb Greenberg, CEO of Caliper and developer of the Caliper Profile, arms managers with everything they need to stop the recruitment revolving door in their companies and to hire the right people the first time, every time, by showing managers how to:

• Identify the four proven factors that predict an employee’s success in sales

• Outline a proven system for finding, developing, and retaining great salespeople

• Follow his expert guidance on job matching, team-building, leadership, and successful sales traits for specific industries

Herb Greenberg (Princeton, NJ) is the founder and president of Caliper. A recognized authority on the relationship between personality and performance, he speaks widely and is published extensively, including articles in the Harvard Business Review. Harold Weinstein (Princeton, NJ) is COO of Caliper and an active consultant, writer, and speaker around the world. Patrick Sweeney (Princeton, NJ) is Executive VP of marketing at Caliper where he oversees positioning of the assessment, training, and consulting practices.
Publication Date:
21 / 10 / 2000

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