How to Read a Balance Sheet: The Bottom Line on What You Need to Know about Cash Flow, Assets, Debt, Equity, Profit...and How It all Comes Together

By: Rick Makoujy

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The balance sheet is the key to everything--from efficient business operation to accurate assessment of a company’s worth. It’s a critical business resource--but do you know how to read it? How to Read a Balance Sheet breaks down the subject into easy-to-understand components.

If you're a business owner or manager, this book helps you . . .

Manage working capital

Generate higher returns on assets

Maximize your inventory dollars

Evaluate investment opportunities

If you're an investor, this book helps you . . .

Determine the market value of a company's assets and operations

Predict future earnings and trends

Assess the impact of capital expenditures

Identify potential "red flags" before the crowd

How to Read a Balance Sheet gives you the bottom line of what you need to know about:

Cash Flow * Assets * Debt * Equity * Profit and how it all comes together.
Publication Date:
10 / 05 / 2010

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