How To Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into A Toad & Other Spells Gift Box

How To Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into A Toad & Other Spells Gift Box by Athena Starwoman & Deborah Gray
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Box Set
130 x 184mm

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For Love, Wealth, Beauty and Revenge.

The ultimate spell kit in an ideal gift box. Includes:
- Special Hardcover Edition of 'How To Turn Your Ex-Boyfriend Into A Toad & Other Spells'
- Mirror
- 4 Coloured Candles
- Incense Sticks
- Toad Incense Holder

Don't get mad, get even! If he's done the dirty on you and run off with someone else, what's a girl to do but turn her ex-boyfriend into a toad? This and many more vital spells to help you get what you want in life, from creating your own destiny and attracting money to finding a new love or the right home.

Containing a hardback book of 'How To Turn Your Ex-boyfriend Into A Toad & Other Spells', which has sold over 50,000 copies in Australia, this fun kit also contains everything you need to cast the spells.

Use the mirror for a special spell to make yourself irresistible to everyone who sees you; the candies will help you to hot up your sex life; and you can use the incense in its special toad holder to find your soul mate.

The powerful spells encompass:
- Love and sex spells - a love goddess must have the right bedroom
- Naughty spells for naughty girls - don't get mad, get even
- Money and success spells - money will come when you're ready to receive it
- Me, Me and I spells - what you think, you become
- Home and family spells - love comes in many forms
- The rest of your life spells - you create your own destiny

No love goddess should be without this indispensable tool of her trade!
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2003
130 x 184mm

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