HTML5 Multimedia Developer's Guide

HTML5 Multimedia Developer's Guide by Ken Bluttman, Lee Cottrell

By: Ken Bluttman, Lee Cottrell

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Develop cross-platform multimedia applications with HTML5

Now you can create rich, interactive content in the browser and deploy it across all platforms. HTML5 Multimedia Developer's Guide shows you how. You'll learn to use the revolutionary new features of HTML5, including the native audio, video, and drawing elements that eliminate the need for third-party plug-ins. New tags, the simplified doctype, local data storage, drag-and-drop, and geolocation are also covered. Detailed code examples illustrate the techniques discussed. By the end of the book, you'll be able to develop amazing multimedia applications and websites with HTML5.

Use canvas for drawing, animation, effects, and events

Create and view videos with the native video element

Add and play audio files with the native audio element

Take advantage of local data storage functions

Apply drag-and-drop functionality

Build location-aware web pages with the geolocation property

Develop well-structured pages using the new semantic layout tags

Add functionality to web forms with the new form objects

Learn about new CSS3 properties and enhancements

Use the editable content and offline files features

Work with JavaScript and other technologies
Publication Date:
26 / 03 / 2012

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