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A practical guide for realizing the true potential of social medianot for marketing, but for leadership. Knowing the tools of social media is a must for successful marketing these days, but the real promise of social media is the way it can teach us a whole new way of doing business. Humanize takes the principles underlying social media's growth and applies them to the way we lead and manage our organizations. Leading organizational consultants Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant help you change your organization, from the culture down to individual behavior, in ways that make it more humanand more effective. Drawing on their extensive experience, Notter and Grant help you make management innovation real and doable. Regardless of your title or position, this book can help you: Build a more trustworthy, open, generative, and courageous organization by embracing social and human principles. Change organizations from the inside out. Address critical elements of organizational behavior, process, and culture. Move beyond the social media buzzwords like transparent, decentralized, and openand actually make them happen. Promote forms of ';generative' success that go beyond profit and loss. Learn how to get startedyou, personally, today, right now!
Publication Date:
13 / 09 / 2011

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