Hunger Games - Adult Ed.

Hunger Games - Adult Ed. by Suzanne Collins
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129 x 198mm
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Reality TV meets Lord of the Flies.

Every year, twelve boys and twelve girls are chosen to take part in the Hunger Games. Watched by the entire nation, this is action-packed reality TV at its most exciting - and most dangerous.

Katniss Everdeen has grown up struggling to save the people close to her. Now she faces the biggest challenge of all - the fight for her life. Winning will make you famous. Losing means certain death.

Ages 12+
Publication Date:
08 / 02 / 2012
129 x 198mm
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Panem... a world where one city, known as “The Capitol”, controls everything... The Twelve districts are forced to give up one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to fight in the “Hunger Games”... a battle to the death in a maze of deception. Some districts have volunteers that will train all year or indeed, all their lives, to take part in this crazed battle. Other districts do not have the funds for food, let alone training... These districts have their representatives drawn from a lottery controlled by The Capitol who forces people to put their name in the draw so they can receive food. In District 12, When Katness Everdeen's twelve year old sister Prim's name is drawn, she has little choice but to take her place, to preserve her sister's life. Katness swears to Prim that she will win. Although Katness does not believe that she will come out alive, she plans to fight as long as she can, with the promise to her sister constant in her mind. Due to the current financial state of District 12, Katness has been close to starvation many times, but continued to hunt for her family and fight to stay alive, surely she can draw on this experience to help her survive as long as she can. Before “The Games” Katness is forced, with her male counterpart from District 12, Peta, to put on a display to earn herself sponsors, who may choose to help her during The Games. This involves an extravagant lifestyle Katness is completely uncomfortable with and which only serves to anger her, knowing that her family are starving in District 12 while she sits waiting to die surrounded by food and anything she could need. She is subjected to outlandish attire and ridiculous interviews that are simply displays of acting talent to see who can create the best persona and earn themselves the approval of a crowd of rich socialites. During all of this, Katness can only draw on that fact that she and Peta are in the same boat and that someone understands her pain in this situation. Peta is a much better showman than Katness and gains acceptance more easliy. At the advice of their Handler, it is decided that they will portray a romantic relationship to the people of “The Capitol” in an attempt to Have Katness liked by the masses through Peta's charm and create a relationship that will be cared about – as far as it's entertainment value. Katness already has a romantic partner, how will this effect him? Katness and Peta must train with the competitors from all the other districts and quickly realise they are massively out-matched. Some of these children have been training their entire lives for this battle to the death... All Katness has is her bow skill and Peta has a good ability to hide. How are they any match for these warriors? Katness does not want to kill anyone, but her instinct to stay alive is strong. During training, Katness befriends a young girl from District 11 named Rue. During The Games, Rue helps Katness to survive. Will Katness' close relationship with Peta be her downfall? Will Katness allow someone else to win so they do not have to die? Will Katness have to kill? Who will win this Hunger Games? Will Katness survive? Believe me, you will not want to stop reading until you have the answer to all of these questions.
, 29/01/2017

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