Hydrogeology Field Manual, 2e

Hydrogeology Field Manual, 2e by Willis Weight

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Dramatically Improve Your Hydrogeology Field Skills and Master New Advances in Groundwater Science

The Second Edition of Hydrogeology Field Manual provides the latest information on applied applications in groundwater sampling and water-quality assessment, aquifer characterization, contamination issues, karst applications, and more. The book includes actual procedures, real-world decisions, and many examples and case studies to help you understand the occurrence and movement of groundwater in a variety of geologic settings.

Filled with tips, tricks-of-the-trade, and anecdotes from seasoned field hydrogeologists, the book explains how to gain instant expertise in most field methodologies and expand your abilities for data interpretation …and other essential skills. The Second Edition of Hydrogeology Field Manual features:

Sage advice on how to collect hydrogeologic field data

Guidance on drilling methods, safety, and work with drilling contractors

A practical description of slug testing

Effective site characterization methods

Expert advice on monitoring-well design

Over 250 skills-building illustrations and photos

Two new chapters on karst hydrogeology, including characterization and performing dye tracer tests

All chapters have new material, including more examples and worked problems

If you are still in college, a recent graduate, or a working professional needing a ready reference to assist you with field-related matters, this is your book. Experienced hydrogeologists and those in related fields will also welcome the practical time-saving and trouble-avoidance tips.

Capitalize on Cutting-Edge Techniques of Field Hydrogeology

• Field Hydrogeology • The Geology of Hydrogeology • Aquifer Properties • Basic Geophysics of the Shallow Subsurface • Groundwater Flow • Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction • Water Chemistry Sampling and Results • Drilling and Well Completion • Pumping Tests • Aquifer Hydraulics • Slug Testing • Vadose Zone • Karst Hydrogeology • Tracer Tests • Dye Trace Testing
Publication Date:
28 / 01 / 2008

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