IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide

IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide by Dan Volitich

By: Dan Volitich

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The Only Authorized Guide to IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence

Develop, deploy, and maintain a complete BI solution across your enterprise. IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence: The Official Guide shows you how to take full advantage of the robust service-oriented architecture and simplified role-based user interfaces. Learn how to create, share, and analyze data-rich reports that lead to increased productivity and better business decisions. Featuring real-world insight and expert tips, this is a must-have guide for IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence users of all levels, from administrators to end users.

Measure and monitor performance using dashboards and scorecards    

Assign user roles and privileges            

Provide complete and consistent access to a broad range of data sources via Cognos Connection

Use Cognos 8 Go! to extend BI to Office applications, mobile devices, and search engines

Enable business users to create reports with Query Studio

Develop new insights by exploring data in multiple dimensions and perspectives with Analysis Studio

Build Dimensional Reports with Report Studio

Use Event Studio to identify and deliver mission-critical information

Create, modify, organize, and publish a model from Cognos Framework Manager        

Implement sound security measures

Take advantage of the management tools in Cognos Administration to ensure maximum reliability and availability
Publication Date:
07 / 05 / 2008

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