If I Were You

If I Were You by Julia Llewellyn  Smith

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My name is Natasha
I have a successful career
A gorgeous penthouse flat
Trouble is, I'm in love with a man who already has a girlfriend
My name is Sophie
I have a man I love
He's gorgeous and we've been together four years
Trouble is, he won't propose
Natasha and Sophie met when they were eleven and rapidly became best friends. Natasha was always the more intelligent and Sophie the more beautiful, but it never came between them ... until now. Suddenly the tiny, niggling, inescapable fact of their envy for each other's life is trying to surface and a number of casualties are getting caught in the crossfire. Is a fading love worth clinging to at all costs? Is marriage the be-all-and-end-all? And can an affair ever be fulfilling?Natasha and Sophie need to learn that they might be hunting for happiness in all the wrong places ...
Publication Date:
22 / 06 / 2006

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