If This Bed Could Talk

If This Bed Could Talk by Liz Maverick, Kimberly Dean & Lynn LaFleur
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111 x 181mm
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Three contemporary erotic stories of drama, mystery and action that are too hot to stay behind closed doors...

From Kimberly Dean: For three long tortuous years, Tyler Christiansen has been in love with his brother's wife. But she was the one woman he could never have, even after his brother heartlessly abandoned her. Trista had sworn off men, especially her ex-husband's brother Ty. Ty was the one who had always been there for her and, though she'd never admit it, lately she's been hoping he'd take care of some of her more intimate needs. Desperate to be together, Ty and Trista are divided by family history. But when Ty shows up on her door step and leads Trista to an unforgettable night of passion, no force is strong enough to extinguish their desires.

From Lynn LaFleur: When Karessa Austin inherits an old Victorian-style house she falls in love with the charm of the ancient home. She decides to remodel it and bring it back to its original beauty. Maxwell Hennessey is a treasure hunter, and a very lucky one. He's on tract to his biggest discovery yet, but the one kink in his plan is Karessa, who now lives in the house where the treasure is hidden. She's also the woman who can't stand him. His only choice is to charm her into forgetting about their unsavoury past so he has complete access to her house...

From Liz Maverick: The world's most deadly gentleman spy has been given his most impossible task: train the rookie agent to become his agency's secret assassin. The first catch? This new agent has a dangerous criminal past. The second catch? This new agent is the sexiest woman he's ever seen. It's time for these two top agents to engage in some intense, hands-on training, both at work and at home.
Publication Date:
27 / 09 / 2006
111 x 181mm

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