In Search Of The Tiger: A Golfing Odyssey

In Search Of The Tiger: A Golfing Odyssey by Ian Stafford
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198 x 130mm

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At long last - a golfing adventure with a sense of humour.

Ian Stafford, acclaimed sports journalist and author of 'Playgrounds Of The Gods' and 'In Your Dreams', had tried every sport under the sun, only playing with the best, always pushing himself to the limit. Except for one sport. Golf. Because golf, he thought, wasn't his kind of game. All those obsessives in their diamond sweaters and naff polo shirts, those men practising their golf swings at parties . . .

But that was in the beginning, before he'd picked up his first club (a lady's club, to be exact). Before he'd met Nick Faldo, Mark James, Jack Nicklaus or Fanny Sunesson and travelled to Iceland, Prague, New Orleans and Tokyo. Before he'd begun to think that he might actually be quite good at this golf business, and long, long before he'd conceived the crazy idea of playing a round with Tiger . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2004
198 x 130mm

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